Free Downloads of "Livin' Wide" by Ric Glass

Plus an additional six unreleased cuts!

Livin Wide CD by Ric Glass

A Little Background…

This collection of songs is the result of a collaboration between Tom Dolvin, Betsy Tyson and me. All lyrics were written by Tom and Betsy. All music was composed, performed, recorded and mixed by me, with the exception of a few guitar solos by my brother Jim Glass and my good friend Richard Rossano.

Harry & the NativesThis project was inspired for the most part by the great times and refreshingly crazy atmosphere we found at a little spot in Hobe Sound called Harry & the Natives.

From time to time I get a call or email asking whether I still have a few copies of the CD left over. I'm down to my last sealed copy, so I decided to put the entire collection online so that anyone interested in a little step back in time could listen or download as they please.

I recorded six more after the CD was finished, and they appear in the list as tracks 12 through 17. We had a lot of fun with this music… Please enjoy!